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Why free?

just one more page

just.... one.. more..

These patterns are free for the following reasons:

  • they are some of my early designs and were before I got better at pixel art

  • they were before i got new software so the pdfs look kind of ugly

  • they contain intellectual property from video games, music artists, etc

  • i simply wanted to retire them from my shop

  • because i love you

for better art and prettier pdfs, see my currently listed patterns. 

self isolating bat

stay inside and be safe. stay positive. 

trans witchcraft

trans magic!

Pumpkin Spiced skeleton

Don't worry, he's friendly. 

black no. 1

for all the little ghouls who
identified with type o negative's black no.1.

hell was boring

Tell 'em where you came 
from and how it was down there


it speaks for itself

smoke skooma

smoke it, drink it, whatever

plague nurse

on the front lines

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