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About Us

Night Spirit Studio is the labor of love of two vampire soulmates, The Lady and Lord Spirit, and some furry creatures.  The creatures don't actually help at all, but they are loved. Lady Spirit, the designer behind Night Spirit Studio has been crafting, sewing, stitching and creating art for over 20 years. She began creating pixel art at the dawn of the internet, and these two hobbies combined. She has been designing her own patterns for over a decade but only recently began offering them up to the world, in exchange for some coin, of course. That velvet finery won't pay for itself. An ongoing battle with a cancerous mortal disease called Breast Cancer, and a near miss with the shadow realm has only inspired Lady Spirit's art further. 

Very little is known about Lord Spirit, a reclusive man with no known origin. When asked, most people will say, "Who?", or "I don't know what a lord spirit is, please remove me from your call list." What is known, is that he probably does exist.


All of the art here has origins in history, death rituals, mourning, cryptids, skulls, bones, and gothic culture.


We encourage you to message us with any questions, comments, concerns and requests. Our sleep paralysis demon will answer you as soon as possible. Please be aware that we try to keep weekends reserved for rest, reflection and occultist rituals so you may need to wait until Monday for certain responses.


Love from the Void,

The Night Spirit family.

Night Spirit Studio
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