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This listing is for a digital PDF, not a finished product. Listing image is a digital render.
Based off one my art piece of the same name.

Reliquary was inspired by death. I walk next to the veil, so close that I can brush it with my fingertips. A year long battle with cancer has put me closer to the themes of my art than I ever thought was possible. Two Death's Head Moths face each other inside gothic arches. Candles, ever so temporary, burn white along the edges. Darkness creeps in, but inside that inky blackness, there are stars.

♥ Facts: ♥
•Fabric color: Medium tones
•Number of colors: 6

♥ Size: ♥
•Stitches: 153 x 195
•size on 14 ct: 11 inches (27.8cm) wide x 14 inches (35.4cm) high
•size on 16 ct: 9-1/2 inches (24.3cm) wide x 12-1/4 inches (31cm) high
•size on 18 ct: 8-1/2 inches (21.6cm) wide x 10-3/4 inches (27.5cm) high
•(would work well in an 11x14 frame for display)

♥ Opinions: ♥
•This pattern recommends 2 or 3 strands on 14 count aida. You will want to adjust the number of threads you use to fit the aida count you choose. This is a matter of the stitcher's preference.
• Colors are a suggestion, not a rule. I select my colors based on how they look in real life. Pattern software may skew colors a bit, and dye lots may vary. I am a fan of substituting colors according to preference or necessity.

♥ Includes 1 PDFs: ♥
•Features 1 page version for screen use, a multi page pattern for printing and a backstitch guide.

♥Feel free to contact me if you need any help with your pattern. I am happy to help! ♥

Reliquary - Death's Head Moth - Gothic Cross Stitch Pattern

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