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This listing is for ONE 2.55 x 3  inch Ghost Cat Daguerreotype Night Spirit Studio sticker. 

I know what you're thinking. You've been pining. You've been longing. You felt like something was missing. And, my dear friend, it was. Until now. Until you saw this listing. The official Night Spirit Studio mascot Ghost the cat stands in all his finery inside an antique daguerreotype case, often called a union case. This daguerreotype is from 1897, because Ghost himself is an ancient vampire. And speaking of vampires, over his shoulder seems to be a spirit of some incredibly familiar kind. In a attractive, funny, modest, great at designing gothic cross stitch kind of way. All of this, in all its Victorian antique glory, fits nicely into this 2.55"x3" sticker. Put it wherever you want and know that you're the awesome kind of person who buys stickers of other people's cats.

Ghost Cat Daguerreotype - 3 inch Sticker

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